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The Mask Comes Off, Mike Coffman Embraces Donald Trump’s Cruel Mass Deportation Plan

During last night’s debate between Morgan Carroll and Mike Coffman in Colorado’s 6th congressional district, Trump-Republican Mike Coffman FINALLY revealed his true anti- immigration agenda and embraced Trump’s cruel, inhumane immigration plan: mass deportations of families.


Here’s the moment when Mike Coffman fully embraced Trump’s mass deportation plan:

Kyle Clark: “Question for you, Congressman Coffman. You told us earlier this week that we need to move to a system of tough immigration enforcement. You said to me quote,’If you’re here illegally you’re going to be deported.’ That sounds a lot less like what we’ve heard from you in recent years and it sounds exactly like Donald Trump’s mass deportation plan.”

Mike Coffman: “So here’s – so I think that’s the system we ought to move to.”

Not only did we learn that Mike Coffman is down with Trump’s immigration plan, but we also learned that Coffman changes his tone on immigration depending on who he’s talking to. A few weeks back, Coffman said on Univision that he would allow “those […] obtain documentation that allows them to work in our country without fear, to stop the deportations.”  However, this wasn’t the case yesterday: “Well, so, so, that, I think we need to go to a system that, um, you know, where we have tough enforcement. Where if you’re here illegally, you’re gonna be deported.”

“Mike Coffman is a hypocrite, a liar, and a sinvergüenza when it comes to immigration reform and is unworthy of reelection,” said Javier Gamboa of the DCCC. “Just like Donald Trump, Mike Coffman believes in deporting millions of families across our country. Coffman cannot say he’s pro-immigration reform and agree with Trump’s central theme of his anti-immigrant plan. Mike Coffman is unworthy of the Hispanic vote this election.”



RECENTLY CONFIRMED HE OPPOSES COMPREHENSIVE REFORM: Coffman Spox: He “Will Continue To Fight For A Step-By-Step Approach.” “On immigration, a key issue in the district, Coffman ‘will continue to fight for a step-by-step approach that protects our borders, creates certainty and permanence for law-abiding undocumenteds, keeps families together, and brings a real resolution to a debate that has been ugly and divisive,’ said his campaign spokeswoman Cinnamon Watson.” [Colorado Independent, 9/07/16]

Coffman Said Former Congressman Tom Tancredo Was His Hero. In 2010, Coffman said Tancredo was his “hero,” while speaking at a Tea Party Express event. “It is a great honor for me to introduce, somebody that is my hero. Somebody that has served this country with honor and integrity and courage.  Somebody when the republican establishment in Washington went so and violated the principles that got them elected, who did not stand with them and that is former congressman Tom Tancredo,” Coffman said. [Tea Party Express Denver, 3/31/10]

Would Continue Tom Tancredo’s Fight Against “Amnesty.” “I will continue the fight Congressman Tancredo has lead for many years and vote against any legislation that would grant amnesty to those who entered our country illegally,” Coffman said. [Coffman for Congress, archived 4/20/08]

Said DREAM Act Would Be “A Nightmare” For Americans. “The Dream Act will be a nightmare for the American people. No doubt, we need immigration reform but the Dream Act is written far too broadly and it will only encourage more illegal immigration, promote chain migration, and will be a magnet for fraud,” he said. [Coffman Press Release, 12/08/10]

2015: State Rep. Joe Salazar: Mike Coffman Paved The Way For Anti-Immigrant Donald Trump. “Congressman Mike Coffman was a loud supporter of the extreme anti-immigrant agenda long before Donald Trump rode his xenophobia to the top of the Republican polls.  Trump may be hogging all the attention and crowding out his rivals, but his outrageous views towards immigrants and Latinos are common in the Republican Party.  In fact, it is fair to say that Trump is Tancredo/Coffman 2.0 … Redistricting threw Coffman into a Congressional district where he had to face the same people he stoked xenophobic fears against.  Since then, Mike ‘Tancredo is my Hero’ Coffman has been bottling up his true positions, leaving minority communities in the 6thCongressional District feeling concerned that his xenophobia will soon uncork itself. The Denver Post once said that it has been ‘difficult to pin him down on specifics.’  The reason why Coffman does not want to give specifics is because it will require him to show his poker hand – a hand that has a joker in it with the face of a Trump.” [Aurora Sentinel, 9/03/15]

2014: State Sen. Jessie Ulibarri: Mike Coffman Is No Friend To Immigrants. “Coffman, despite a recent change in rhetoric, has not been a supporter of immigrants’ rights or immigration reform. While his talking points have changed, his actions have not. Throughout his 25-year political career, Coffman has espoused radical, anti-immigrant views … These actions tell us that Coffman has never been and will never be a friend to Colorado’s newest arrivals. It’s understandable that he would begin pandering to Latinos and immigrants now that he represents Colorado’s most ethnically diverse congressional district. However, voters in the 6th Congressional District are smart enough to see that the distortion of my words by Coffman’s campaign is meant solely to gain votes in a tight election.” [Denver Post, 6/05/14]

April 2014: Said Minority Language Voters Should “Pull Out a Dictionary.” “One thing they ought to do is pull out a dictionary when they are at home, because the ballots have been sent to them a long time in advance. They can seek help from friends who speak English, look up words they do not know; sometimes you have to put a little more effort to assimilate into our culture.” [ColoradoPols, 4/21/14]

August 2013: Said he still Believed in English only Ballots. In 2013, when asked if he still believed in English only ballots Coffman said, “You know I still feel, part of my rewrite of immigration law, I mean if the law says you’re suppose to know English, I think the that the standards of citizenship in the United States under current law are too low that when we say in law you’re supposed to be able to comprehend English. I mean that’s exactly what we ought to mean and it shouldn’t be waiverable. We need to raise those standards for citizenship.” [Colorado Public Radio, 8/22/13]

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