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Mast doubles down on Trump’s “mean” health care bill

…then calls deep and damaging cuts to Medicaid, “humanitarian”

No matter the negative coverage, scared constituents at the town hall he finally held, and the countless letters to the editor in opposition, Congressman Mast seems like he has not heard a word that could change his mind about the historically unpopular Republican repeal and ripoff bill he rallied his colleagues to support and then voted to pass.

While even President Trump has come around and admitted the bill his party pushed was “mean,” Congressman Mast has a very different take. When asked, Mast doubled down saying, “I don’t think it’s a mean bill; I think it’s a very responsible bill.”

Not only that, but Mast described deep and damaging cuts to Medicaid as “humanitarian.” Yes, you read that correctly, humanitarian.

“If Congressman Mast thinks stripping health insurance from more than 74,000 people in his district alone, ripping away protections for folks living with pre-existing conditions, and slapping an age tax on older people living on the Treasure Coast and the Palm Beaches, is ‘responsible’ then there is no longer any question he’s gone full Washington,” said Cole Leiter, DCCC spokesperson.


74,800 people will lose coverage in Brian Mast’s district.

8,000 children will lose coverage in Brian Mast’s district.

272,400 people in Brian Mast’s district live with a pre-existing condition.

2,062,700 in Florida total will lose healthcare.


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