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No Matter How Hard She Tries, Amanda Adkins Can’t Outrun Her Brownback Ties

Just hours after officially kicking off her campaign for Congress, Brownback advisor Amanda Adkins was already running scared from her deep ties to the unpopular former governor.

Here’s what Adkins had to say to Conservative radio host Pete Mundo Tuesday morning:


MUNDO: And the AP in Kansas wrote a story about you and it was like ‘Former Brownback Executive Running For Congress…’ I’m sure you know that that’s going to come so what do you make of that attack that people are going to try and levy on you?

ADKINS: Sure, well first of all, just to set the facts straight the last time I worked for Sam Brownback was when he served in the United States Senate. And I was his campaign manager and I’m very proud of a lot of the work he did on human rights which of course now he’s doing at the state department

Sounds like Adkins has her dates mixed up. After managing Sam Brownback’s 2004 Senate race, Adkins ran for Kansas GOP chair with his support. The two then worked together to draft the party’s strategy to expand GOP control of the state and Adkins became a frequent defender of Brownback’s economic agenda. When Brownback appointed Adkins as chair of the Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund in 2011, she worked with him to cover his attempts at slashing the budget for early childhood programs and even went as far as excluding the rest of the agency’s board in budget discussions with the Governor.

“Amanda Adkins’ role in helping execute Brownback’s disastrous agenda while he was Governor — including disastrous tax cuts that gutted funding for Kansas’ education system — is a weight on her candidacy, and this laughable spin of her record proves it,” said DCCC Spokesperson Brooke Goren.


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