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Mazi Melesa Pilip Is Backed By Dangerous Anti-Abortion MAGA Extremists

Mazi Melesa Pilip isn’t shying away from being propped up by some of the most dangerous anti-choice members of the Republican Party.

Pilip most recently leaned into MAGA extremism by aligning with far-right Speaker Mike Johnson, who in Congress has worked to:

  • Ban abortion even in cases of rape, incest, and when a woman’s life is at risk, in addition to certain contraceptives.

  • Overturn New York law guaranteeing access to reproductive health care in private health insurance plans.

  • Support punishing providers of reproductive health care with up to ten years of hard labor and insist that reproductive freedom is causing “an American holocaust.

Mazi Melesa Pilip’s ardent support from anti-choice MAGA extremists comes as no surprise considering Pilip is running on a far-right platform that includes banning abortion with no exception for rape or incest. 

DCCC Spokesperson Ellie Dougherty:
“Despite being coy in the press, Mazi Melesa Pilip can’t hide that she’s backed by MAGA extremists who believe politicians like themselves should make decisions for women about their own healthcare. The company Pilip keeps has made it crystal clear she aligns with a dangerous, far-right platform – particularly when it comes to banning abortion.”


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