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McCarthy Reaffirms Commitment to Nationwide Abortion Ban

In June, Kevin McCarthy vowed he would support a nationwide abortion ban. Today, McCarthy reaffirmed his party’s commitment to passing a ban that would override all state protections, arguing the GOP’s “Commitment to America” plan “clearly” highlighted House Republicans’ priority to “protect the lives of the unborn.”

Also today, the House Oversight Committee released findings that “since 2021, Republicans in Congress have introduced 52 bills to ban or restrict abortion nationwide, including 16 bills that call for criminal prosecution of doctors and nurses and four that target the ability to travel to obtain an abortion.”

DCCC spokesperson Helen Kalla: 
“Kevin McCarthy and the GOP’s continued promises to ban abortion nationwide tell voters everything they need to know. Any Republican who supports the GOP’s ‘Commitment to America’ agenda is now actively supporting efforts to pass a nationwide abortion ban.”


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