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MEMO: August Recess: Democrats Build Back Better — No Thanks To Republicans

TO: Interested Parties
FR: The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Democratic National Committee, and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
RE: August Recess: Democrats Build Back Better — No Thanks To Republicans

As members of Congress begin heading to their home states and districts, Democrats are unified around a single message: President Biden and Democrats are delivering results and building back better for the American people — no thanks to Republicans.

At every turn, Republicans in Congress have stood in the way of the action Americans need. They’ve spread conspiracy theories to undermine democracy and the 2020 elections along with lies about COVID vaccines, catered to extremists who stormed the Capitol on January 6th, claimed they’d oppose President Biden “100 percent” of the time, and pushed the interests of the wealthy and well-connected at the expense of hard working Americans.

President Biden and Democrats have acted to get America back on track from the pandemic by increasing vaccinations, delivering relief through checks and tax cuts for middle class families, and growing more than three million jobs in just six months

This August, Democrats across the country will make sure that voters know that the ‘D’ in Democrat stands for ‘deliver’ by highlighting the contrast between the parties on three central areas — all of which are helping Americans get back to work and back on their feet after the pandemic:

  • Democrats’ tax cut for American families; 
  • Democrats’ investments in infrastructure that will create millions more good paying jobs here in our country; 
  • Democrats’ efforts to lower costs like health care, prescription drugs and more for Americans. 

And by ensuring the wealthiest few and big corporations pay their fair share, Democrats are making sure taxes won’t be raised on Americans making less than $400,000 a year.

In coordination with Democratic State Parties, Democrats will use use tactics like press events and press calls, local bookings and placing guest columns from local voices to speak directly to the American people and communicate that President Biden and Democrats put our economy back on track to build back better — no thanks to Republicans in Congress, who sought to block progress every step of the way.

Democrats will highlight our tax cut for American families:

  • As part of the American Rescue Plan, President Biden and Democrats expanded the Child Tax Credit to deliver a tax cut for middle-class families — up to $300 per child every month — deposited directly into their bank accounts.
  • 90 percent of families with children will get an average tax cut of $4,380.
  • Of the nearly 40 million American households eligible for the expanded Child Tax Credit, over 35 million have already begun receiving automatic payments of up to $300 per month for every child.
  • Every Republican voted against these tax cuts for American families.

Democrats will highlight investments in infrastructure that will continue growing millions of good paying jobs in our country: 

  • Under President Biden’s and Democrats’ leadership in the past six months, the economy has gone from creating only 60,000 new jobs a month to creating 60,000 jobs every three days.
  • In total, the U.S. economy added a record-shattering three million jobs since President Biden took office.
  • Now Democrats are fighting for investments in our roads, bridges, water pipes and high speed internet. These infrastructure investments will continue to spur economic growth and will create more jobs here in our country.

Democrats will highlight how we are lowering costs like health care for the American people: 

  • Thanks to President Biden and Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, 4 out of 5 people enrolled in a marketplace plan can now buy health care for $10 or less per month. Now, Democrats are fighting to make those premium reductions permanent – lowering millions of American families’ monthly health care costs — along with proposals that would further reduce the cost of health care, prescription drugs and expenses like elder care and child care.
  • Since the Biden administration opened a special enrollment period because of the pandemic, more than 2 million Americans have signed up for health insurance since February.
  • Even in the midst of the pandemic, Republicans have continued their efforts to roll back, weaken and eliminate the Affordable Care Act — attempting to spike costs and gut coverage protections for those with pre-existing conditions. Democrats believe that every single American should have access to quality, affordable care.

The bottom line: While Republicans try to obstruct progress on the issues Americans care about, Democrats are delivering results. During the August recess, Democrats will localize and highlight our Party’s agenda that is getting Americans back on track from the pandemic, and will continue to help our country build back better.


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