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Memo: The Case Against Paul Babeu

To:         Interested Parties

From:    Tyler Law, Regional Press Secretary

Date:      August 31, 2016

RE:        The Case Against Paul Babeu


Yesterday’s Arizona primary results mark the beginning of the general election race for Arizona’s 1st Congressional District. Former police officer and state senator Tom O’Halleran begins the general election poised to take advantage of a favorable political environment and one of the weakest and most scandal-ridden candidates in recent memory. As we’ve said all along, none of the candidates in the Republican primary were ready for primetime – but Paul Babeu is in a league of his own. That’s why so many Republicans did everything they could to stop him. While they failed at halting the unelectable Babeu, but they did succeed in making him spend his money and in driving up his unpopularity.

Instead of putting this memo in our own words, we used only quotes and headlines from press coverage. Please note that we could not possibly fit all the voluminous amount of negative coverage in this document – do not hesitate to ask if you would like additional information.


“And they have good reason to be worried about Babeu, who has attracted a string of ugly headlines over the years. Most notably, Babeu was exposed in a home video speaking warmly about the abusive treatment of students a school for troubled youth he once ran had engaged in—after long denying he ever had any knowledge of the abuse.” [Daily Kos, 8/22/16]

“…Babeu’s vulnerabilities have some local Republicans worried…” [Politico, 8/18/16]

“‘If Paul Babeu wins the primary, is the NRCC going to come in here and play?’ said Brian Murray, a GOP consultant in Phoenix. ‘It makes it really hard to justify making it a top-tier seat,’ he added.” [Politico, 8/18/16]

“Speaker David Gowan, a former primary opponent of Babeu’s, said that ‘the baggage he brings to the race’ makes his candidacy a ‘lost cause’.” [Politico, 8/18/16]

“‘The decisions my brother, Paul, has made throughout his life are not the makings of someone who represents the values of our congressional district, our state or our country — and I cannot sit idly by in good faith,’ Lucy Babeu stated.” [Case Grande Dispatch, 7/12/16]



HEADLINE: “FBI Asking New Questions About Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu’s Use Of Seized Criminal Money.” [ABC 15, 3/29/16]

HEADLINE: “PCSO draws FBI’s eyes” [Case Grande Dispatch, 3/31/16]

HEADLINE: “Officials call Pinal County sheriff’s mailer propaganda” [Associated Press, 2/12/16]

HEADLINE: “Pinal County Sheriff’s Office used RICO, jail funds for travel” [Arizona Republic, 2/28/11]

HEADLINE: “Pinal County Sheriff Babeu uses seized cash for coins, badges” [Arizona Republic, 2/11/12]

HEADLINE: “Babeu spends $35,000 on badges, coins” [Arizona Capitol Times, 2/13/12]


HEADLINE: “Babeu touted abusive, inhumane discipline of special needs teens at boarding school” [ABC15, 1/26/16]

HEADLINE: “Opponent calls Babeu ’embarrassment,’ asks him to drop out of CD1 race after ABC15 report” [ABC15, 1/27/16]

HEADLINE: “Home video shows Babeu describing DeSisto punishments” [Case Grande Dispatch, 1/26/16]

HEADLINE: “New Light Shed on Old Scandal in Arizona Sheriff’s Congressional Race” [Roll Call, 1/29/16]

HEADLINE: “Paul Babeu’s Tenure as DeSisto School Headmaster Haunts His CD1 Campaign” [Phoenix New Times, 7/20/16]


HEADLINE: “Former student at school run by Paul Babeu calls Sheriff a liar, says ABC15 report is validation” [ABC15, 2/2/16]

HEADLINE: “Montini: Sheriff Babeu’s message: The cartels may kill you (and VOTE FOR ME)” [Arizona Republic, 5/24/16]

HEADLINE: “Did Babeu warn of cartels to help fund his race for Congress?” [Arizona Republic, 5/27/16]

HEADLINE: “Fact Check: Babeu’s claim he cut border crossings misleading” [Arizona Republic, 2/29/16]

HEADLINE: “Babeu’s bullies blocked TV reporter’s access” [Arizona Republic, 3/25/16]


Tom O’Halleran is a former police officer, businessman, and public servant with a moderate profile that matches Arizona’s 1st District. He has introduced a concrete ethics plan to hold politicians accountable and get Congress working again. Tom has also focused on education and jobs for rural Arizona. During his time in the legislature, Tom built a record of standing up to his own party’s leadership to deliver for Arizona families, including reforming Child Protective Services and driving support for all-day kindergarten.

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