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Mia Love Caught Charging Taxpayers for “Posh D.C. Party”

Love Awkwardly Stumbles Through Denial, Staff Blaming, and Eventually Promising to Pay Back Taxpayer Money

Congresswoman Mia Love got caught trying to pull a fast one on Utahns, apparently believing that her constituents wouldn’t notice or care that she inappropriately charged over $1,100 to taxpayers for airfare to a weekend of celebrity parties in Washington D.C. Instead of fessing up, Mia Love has created a series of hard-to-believe excuses for this cross-country party flight, including that she squeezed several official meetings in between parties.

“Congresswoman Mia Love’s rapidly changing story has left us with more questions than answers,” said DCCC Spokesman Tyler Law. “The fact that her initial reactions were to deny and then make excuses – without a shred of evidence – is deeply troubling. This issue is not close to being resolved until she gives a full accounting of her ‘official business’ that weekend.”

Here’s how Mia Love’s story changed in a very short period of time:

First, Mia Love refused to comment – obviously hoping she could just sweep this under the rug.

Second, Love’s office denied any wrongdoing and claimed that the Congresswoman had multiple meetings and visited her office in the very limited time that she had in between star-studded parties. Her office has neglected to provide a calendar or any evidence of these meetings.

Third, Love blamed her staff as if that would make everything okay. Interestingly, their statement said that the flight was “paid for from the official office account.” We know this is not accurate because a personal reimbursement would not have occurred had the official account been used.

Fourth, Love’s office said she would return the money – a suspect move considering that her office said she was conducting “official business,” which wouldn’t require her to refund taxpayers.

Bottom line: If Congresswoman Mia Love had not been caught charging the taxpayers for her “posh D.C. party,” Utahns would still be footing the bill.

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