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Michelle Steel Following In Dana Rohrabacher’s Footsteps on Foreign Corruption

According to a new report from the Senate Intelligence Committee, former GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher had more extensive contacts with Russian officials attempting to influence US politics than had previously been reported. While Orange County voters knew he was “Putin’s Favorite Congressman” and rejected him for his corruption in 2018, they now know to what degree he was working with a foreign country to influence our elections.

But incredibly, Orange County voters will have, for the second straight election, another career politician who’s worked with foreign governments for personal gain: Michelle Steel.

Recent reporting revealed Steel’s husband and business partner, Shawn Steel, is at the center of a scandal for his work to “open doors” for Chinese foreign nationals to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars in political donations to Trump and the RNC’s reelection efforts. Michelle Steel, just so happens to be the Chief Financial Officer to the Shawn Steel Law Firm where she reported receiving a $290,000 salary from the firm while taking hundreds of thousands in taxpayer salary.

REMINDER – Rohrabacher and the Steel’s are longtime political pals and are all HUGE mutual supporters of each other’s political fortunes with the Steel’s donating over $65,000 to Rohrabacher. Rohrabacher returning the favor with thousands to Michelle’s campaigns.

Statement from DCCC Spokesperson Andy Orellana:

“The voters of Orange County already rejected in 2018 a coopted Republican official with direct ties to a foreign government. Dana Rohrabacher served as Shawn Steel’s wing man, and they don’t want another corrupted Republican who’s complicit in the lobbying of foreign interests over the needs of Southern Californians. Steel’s lack of response over recent corruptions allegations against her and husband for deep ties to China’s Communist Party speaks volumes. Orange County voters have already done away with an elected official that won’t work for them – 2020 will be no different.”


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