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Mike Coffman ‘May’ Abdicate Most Important Duty

Refusing to vote means you don’t care who wins

Shockingly, Mike Coffman, faced with what should be an easy choice between a well-qualified public servant and an alleged serial sexual predator today threw his hands up and decided not to decide. By choosing not to vote, Coffman has decided not to lift a finger to prevent Trump, who national security experts say would be the “most reckless president in American history,” from becoming Commander in Chief.

“Coloradans expect their elected officials to show leadership, but Mike Coffman today decided to vote ‘present’ instead of standing up to the historically dangerous candidacy of Donald Trump,” said Tyler Law of the DCCC. “Coffman likes to pretend to be a tough guy in standing up to Trump, but when it comes time for him to do the one thing that could actually stop him – voting – he’s decided to do nothing. That is not setting an example for our children, and that is not leadership.”

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