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Mike Lawler Still Doesn’t Have A Plan

Mike Lawler keeps saying he won’t make cuts to Social Security or Medicare. So what’s his plan?

For months, freshman Republican Mike Lawler (R-NY) has said he will not support cuts to Social Security or Medicare despite Republican plans to enact damaging reforms to both programs. Yet, Lawler has consistently refused to tell voters just how he would protect these necessary programs.

Even worse, Lawler is convinced that the extreme MAGA Republicans in the House Freedom Caucus understand the “severity” of a default despite their announcement last week of an unreasonable, unrealistic, and extremist budget proposal that would risk eliminating thousands of jobs made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act.

Voters have had enough of Lawler covering for his extreme colleagues and deserve to finally know: what is Mike Lawler’s plan?

DCCC spokesperson Nebeyatt Betre:
“Instead of offering voters an actual plan to address the debt ceiling and protect Social Security and Medicare, Lawler has spent his time defending extreme Republicans and offering meaningless statements. Lawler needs to make clear just how he plans to move forward on this critical issue.”


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