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Minnesotans Protest Hagedorn Over His Pledge to Vote Against Lowering Cost of Prescription Drugs

Hagedorn’s pledge comes after special interest groups pressured him to vote against common-sense House drug pricing bill

On Saturday, Minnesotans gathered outside of Congressman Jim Hagedorn’s town hall in Dodge Center to protest Hagedorn’s refusal to support new legislation that will lower the cost of prescription drugs. Specifically, the bill would give Medicare the power to negotiate with drug companies for lower prescription drug prices and reverse unjustified price gouging on thousands of medications like insulin. But instead of supporting this commonsense bill to lower drug prices, Congressman Hagedorn caved to a $2.5 million ad campaign from the big drug company-funded American Action Network and said earlier this month that he will once again stand with the drug companies lobbying against this bill and vote “no.”

As a reminder, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has already stated the bill Hagedorn opposes would lower domestic drug prices and save at least $345 billion for the American people. This legislation will save a family of four approximately $1,920 per year.

While Minnesotans have made it clear that they need relief from out of control prescription drug costs, Congressman Hagedorn caved to pressure from Washington special interests and sided with big drug companies over hardworking families in the 1st District,” said DCCC Spokesperson Brooke Goren. “Given the opportunity to put the priorities of working Minnesotans first, Hagedorn once again showed his true colors: he cares more about listening to special interests and padding the pockets of the prescription drug manufacturers that lobbied to oppose this critical legislation.”


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