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Mobile Billboard in Orlando: Republicans Deny and Divide, Democrats Deliver for the American People

House Democrats’ mobile billboard in Orlando for GOP retreat holds house Republicans accountable for voting to deny Americans critical relief, furthering divisive rhetoric

As House Republicans convene for a retreat in Orlando, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has a mobile billboard riding around the city to remind Floridians of Republicans’ record of voting to deny critical relief to the American people and dividing Americans with racists rhetoric and conspiracy theories.

The mobile billboard reminds Americans that every single House Republican voted against the American Rescue Plan.

Instead of leading, Minority Leader McCarthy and NRCC Chairman Rep. Tom Emmer have clung to people like QAnon conspiracy theorist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and her $175,000 NRCC donation, even after she sought to form a white supremacist caucus. House leadership won’t condemn Reps. Lauren Boebert and Steve Scalise who spin divisive rhetoric online and is sticking with Rep. Matt Gaetz who’s under FBI investigation for sex trafficking crimes.

While House Democrats focus on delivering for the American people, Republicans have become the party of voting to deny economic relief and sowing division.

DCCC Spokesperson, Chris Taylor 

“Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Republicans in Congress denied critical relief to American families struggling to build back from this devastating pandemic that took over 500,000 lives and countless jobs and small businesses. Instead of governing, Republicans in Congress choose to cling to people like GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene who sought to form a white supremacist caucus and called Americans calling for police reform ‘domestic terrorists.’ Democrats are focused on the American people, delivering critical relief in the American Rescue Plan with direct payments, expanded access to vaccines that is crushing the COVID-19 pandemic, resources to safely reopen schools and get people back to work.”


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