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Molinaro Still Refuses to Offer New Yorkers a Plan

Molinaro met with protests over radical GOP efforts to cut Social Security and Medicare

Voters in upstate New York made clear this week that they’re not letting Marc Molinaro get away with backing Republican plans to enact damaging reforms to Social Security and Medicare.

While dozens of protestors pressed the vulnerable Republican on potential cuts or changes to Social Security and Medicare, Molinaro refused to explain what he actually supports, failing to offer his own constituents any clarity as Molinaro’s own colleagues offer up dangerous plans that place both programs at risk and threaten Americans nationwide.

The only thing Molinaro was clear about protecting? The wealthiest Americans from paying their fair share in taxes.

When questioned if he’d support tax increases to preserve Medicare and Social Security by audience members, Molinaro acknowledged he “may have to accept things he doesn’t like.”

When asked about tax increases specifically on the rich, Molinaro said he doesn’t support increasing taxes.

DCCC spokesperson Nebeyatt Betre:
“Molinaro can’t keep dancing around this critical question. It’s extremely telling that he’s so quick to say he’ll protect the wealthiest Americans from tax increases, yet can’t be bothered to say how he’ll protect hard-working Americans and necessary programs like Social Security and Medicare.”


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