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Monica De La Cruz Joins Extremists in Efforts to Ban Medicated Abortion Nationwide

De La Cruz signs onto amicus brief asking Supreme Court to uphold ban on Mifepristone

One week after the Supreme Court stayed a lower court decision that would have pulled the safe, widely-used drug abortion medication Mifepristone from the market, Monica De La Cruz joined Majorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, and other MAGA Republicans in an effort to ban this medication nationwide.

Once again Monica De La Cruz is showing just how extreme and anti-choice she is.

Her support of this measure is one of several actions she has taken in Congress to prove how deeply unserious she is about protecting women in Texas and their freedoms, including:

DCCC Spokesperson Jacob Haythorn:
“There can be no doubt that Monica De La Cruz is a threat to women’s freedoms. It’s been just over 100 days in her term and she’s repeatedly attempted to ban abortion nationwide. Voters won’t forget her ardent anti-choice track record at the ballot box next year.”


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