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Nevada GOP Candidates Criticize Pandemic Aid While Personally Benefiting from Funding

April Becker and Sam Peters took hundreds of thousands in pandemic relief funds while trying to deny the same for Nevada families

Today, an investigation from the American Independent revealed that self-serving Nevada GOP candidates personally benefited from hundreds of thousands in Paycheck Protection Program loans, despite their vocal opposition to giving Nevada families the same relief.

NV-03 nominee April Becker raked in over $800,000 in loans to her family businesses, even as she slammed pandemic aid as “socialist spending.”

Peters Family Insurance, a company owned by NV-04 nominee Sam Peters, accepted $72,005 in PPP loans, while Peters publicly trashed COVID relief efforts.

DCCC Spokesperson Johanna Warshaw
“April Becker and Sam Peters want to deny the hardworking Nevada families the same relief they happily took for themselves. Nevadans deserve better than these self-serving hypocrites.”


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