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NEW AD: Barbara Comstock Voted Against Banning Terror Suspects From Purchasing Guns 26 Times

Barbara Comstock voted 26 times to block a bill that would ban terror suspects on the “No Fly” list from purchasing firearms. Her reckless and partisan record is the subject of a new DCCC ad highlighting her gun safety record. America is less safe today because of the partisan gridlock in Washington and reckless Republicans like Barbara Comstock, who continue to reject sensible gun safety measures like “No Fly/No Buy.”

The new spot titled “Doesn’t Fly” follows the release of two DCCC spots focused on Comstock’s politically craven decision to renounce Donald Trump only after his videos where he seemed to brag about sexually assaulting women became a top political issue.

“Barbara Comstock is so committed to voting in lockstep with her obstructionist Republican leadership in Congress that she blocked banning those on the ‘No Fly’ List from purchasing guns 26 times,” said Jermaine House of the DCCC. “Comstock’s participation in this Republican gridlock and her unwillingness to work across the aisle to find sensible solutions will no longer fly with Northern Virginians.”

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