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NEW: Bo Hines (NC-13) Deletes Anti-Abortion Views from Campaign Website

Bo Hines in May: “I believe abortion is murder, unequivocally”

New reporting from CBS 17 revealed that Bo Hines is trying to hide his anti-abortion views from North Carolinians.

Despite telling the Raleigh News & Observer in May that he believes “Abortion should be made illegal throughout the United States. No exceptions,” Hines deleted his “Life and Family” position from his issues page on his campaign website because he knows his hardline position will doom him in November.

But Hines is going to have a difficult time walking back his extreme support for a total abortion ban. Hines told CBS 17 that he believes “abortion is murder, unequivocally” – and in April, said: “Abortion has certainly been the greatest moral atrocity. I think that we’ll look back in generations to come and say that we had a mass genocide that occurred in our country.”

“Bo sees the writing – or the poll numbers – on the wall,” said DCCC spokesperson Monica Robinson. “His support for banning abortion without exceptions is extreme, dangerous, and takes away the rights of North Carolina women to make their own personal health care decisions. He can delete, but he can’t hide his hardline agenda.”

Read more from CBS 17:

CBS 17: GOP candidates change messaging on abortion
By Russ Bowen
August 30, 2022

  • “Being pro-life has historically been a safe platform for Republicans because there was little chance any new restrictive laws could be enacted. But that’s now changed.”

  • “Democrats are gaining ground in the polls, winning special elections and voters in Kansas overwhelmingly said no to new abortion laws.”

  • “As access to abortion is rallying voters, some of that ‘prudence’ George Will refers to includes the removal of abortion references from campaign websites. We’re seeing that across the country including the front page of Bo Hines’ website.”

  • “When CBS 17’s Russ Bowen asked Hines about his stance on abortion during the May primary Hines said, ‘I believe abortion is murder, unequivocally.’”

  • “So why would Republicans not clarify their position while campaigning? […] Will, who is pro-life, said that’s because the majority of Americans, although at varying degrees, believe in abortion access.”


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