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New DCCC Ad: Albany Insider John Faso’s in Some Deep Pockets


The DCCC is airing a new ad “Pocket” in New York’s 19th Congressional District highlighting how Albany Insider John Faso is in the pocket of Wall Street and big corporations.

The ad hits the air as Faso struggles to paper over the fact that he sided against middle-class families while in Albany, or his many pay-to-play scandals and investigations as an Albany lobbyist.

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“Whether it was voting to raise taxes on middle-class families 130 times or supporting tax cuts for special interests, Albany Insider John Faso has always sided with big corporations and Wall Street,” said Bryan Lesswing at the DCCC. “Maybe that’s why Albany Insider John Faso doesn’t want Hudson Valley voters to know that he’s not on their side.”


Narrator: John Faso’s in the pocket of big corporations and Wall Street.

The banks gave him thousands in contributions — he pushed tax cuts for them.

But if you don’t have deep pockets, watch out.

Faso voted repeatedly to raise taxes on middle class families…  And voted to raise or extend taxes or fees a hundred thirty times.

John Faso’s in Wall Street’s pocket.

He’s not the change we need.


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