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New DCCC Ads Make Contrast Between Gabe Vasquez and Yvette Herrell’s Cost-Hiking Record Clear

Today, the DCCC announced its latest ad buy in New Mexico’s competitive 2nd district. The ads, which will engage Hispanic voters in both English and Spanish, contrast Gabe Vasquez’s leadership with Yvette Herrell’s record of hiking costs for New Mexico families.

Today’s five-figure ad investment is part of a recently announced seven-figure investment in digital, print and radio advertising from the DCCC to court, galvanize, and mobilize Hispanic voters in critical battleground districts.

Watch the ads at the links below:

Helping = Lowering Costs: English/Spanish

Who Is She For: English/Spanish
“While Democrats like Gabe Vasquez are fighting to lower costs for New Mexico’s hardworking families, Yvette Herrell has voted against lowering the costs of gas, groceries and prescription drugs,” said DCCC Senior Advisor for Latino Engagement Mariafernanda Zacarias. “The DCCC is committed to engaging Hispanic voters in New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District and making the facts of this race clear: Yvette Herrell does not represent the interests of hardworking New Mexicans.”


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