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New DCCC Billboard Slams Amanda Adkins For Opposing Gas Tax Relief

DCCC launches billboard in KS03 highlighting Adkins’ opposition to easing Kansans’ pain at the pump

As Kansans drive to work this week, they’ll be reminded that GOP candidate Amanda Adkins opposes gas tax relief to lower costs and ease some of the pain that Kansans are feeling at the pump.

The DCCC is announcing a week-long billboard campaign calling out Adkins for railing against Rep. Sharice Davids’ efforts to suspend the federal gas tax and save Kansans hard earned money – a proposal backed by 73 percent of voters.

The billboard will appear just off I-35 near Roeland Park – reaching Kansans as they drive to work, school, and around the community.

DCCC Spokesperson Johanna Warshaw
“This is yet another reminder for Kansans that when Amanda Adkins had the chance, she opposed common sense plans to lower gas prices and ease their pain at the pump.”


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