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New DCCC TV Ad in TX-24: North Texans Can’t Trust Van Duyne and Trump with their Health

“Applause” begins running today, exposing Beth Van Duyne’s dangerous support for Texas’ hasty reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic

Today, the DCCC released a new television ad in Texas’ 24th Congressional District, exposing dishonest politician Beth Van Duyne’s unhealthy alliance with President Trump amid a pandemic that’s hurting North Texas. The ad will reach voters in the Dallas/Fort Worth media market on broadcast and cable starting today.

WATCH: “Applause

“President Trump and Beth Van Duyne only stand to make North Texans sicker with their reckless support for reopening without a plan and a dangerous health care agenda that would gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions like COVID-19,” DCCC spokesman Avery Jaffe said. “Sadly, Beth Van Duyne has applauded these irresponsible efforts to put North Texans’ health in jeopardy every step of the way and that’s what voters will see in this new ad.”


VO: When Texas was hit the hardest with COVID-19

Beth Van Duyne applauded re-opening too early and with no plan.

As cases surged, she said to open up even more.

Now she wants to gut protections for pre-existing conditions like COVID-19,

Let insurance companies discriminate against people when they get sick,

Raise insurance premiums on seniors,

And strip health coverage from Texans.

I don’t think this calls for any applause, Beth Van Duyne.

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