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New DCCC TV Ad: You Can’t Afford to Trust Nancy Mace

“Normal” begins running today across the South Carolina Lowcountry, highlighting Mace’s support for a 23 percent tax hike on nearly everything

Today, the DCCC released a new television ad in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District, highlighting why voters in the Lowcountry can’t afford to trust State Representative Nancy Mace. The ad is on the air today.

Normal” highlights how Lowcountry voters can’t afford to trust Mace and her support for a 23 percent tax increase on nearly everything we buy via the so-called “Fair Tax”– a reckless scheme to raise costs on seniors and working families. (Click here to watch Mace say it at a public debate.) The ad will reach voters in the Charleston and Savannah-Beaufort media markets on broadcast and cable.

WATCH: “Normal”

“Lowcountry seniors and families can’tafford to trust Nancy Mace because she publicly supports a 23 percent tax increase on nearly everything we buy, from groceries to medical procedures to prescription drugs,” DCCC spokesman Avery Jaffe said. “Her tax plan would raise the Lowcountry’s already-high cost of living and it’s another example of Nancy Mace’s reckless approach to this pandemic that’s on full display for voters across the Lowcountry.”


So much COVID-19 has cost us.

Lives, jobs, just… normalcy.

And who will cost us more? Nancy Mace.

Because Mace supports a twenty-three percent tax increase on nearly everything we buy.

The family groceries. Medical procedures. Even prescription drugs for seniors.

Mace’s plan taxes ‘em all. Twenty-three percent.

COVID-19 is costing the Lowcountry enough already.

And we can’t afford to trust Nancy Mace.

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