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New Report: Rep. Herrera Beutler’s “Defining Moment” In Congress Worsens Strain On Rural Hospitals and Health Care Providers

Herrera Beutler’s Beloved Tax Reform Continues To Prove Costly For the Families of Southwest Washington

During this pandemic, it has become more and more clear that Southwest Washington can’t afford Rep. Herrera Beutler’s reckless record on health care. Last month, the voters of Washington’s 3rd District woke up to a headline that would alarm any family during this crisis:

“Centralia Daily Chronicle: COVID-19 Puts Rural Hospitals in Washington on Brink of Financial Collapse”

Why would this be so alarming? Rural hospitals serve over 70 percent of Washington and in Herrera Beutler’s congressional district there are six rural hospitals that accommodate for over a quarter million medical visits and over 5,000 hospital admissions every year. Not to mention, Herrera Beutler has time and again opposed expanding Medicaid in her state — a program that is crucial for keeping rural hospitals open and strong.

And now a new report by the Center for Public Integrity shows the tax bill Herrera Beutler voted for and called “a defining moment for me in terms of my entire career in Congress” is projected to kick millions off their health insurance, causing record numbers of small and rural hospitals to close. Due to the repeal of the ACA individual mandate in the tax bill supported by Herrera Beutler, over 1.1 million Americans have already lost their health insurance.

But when asked whether she supports the Administration’s response — or lack thereof — to the pandemic, Congresswoman Herrera Beutler repeatedly refused to respond. Then when asked about the Administration’s decision not to keep open the health insurance enrollment period for people who lost their jobs and are without coverage, once again, she refused to take a stand.

Statement from DCCC Spokesperson Andy Orellana:

“Herrera Beutler’s self-proclaimed “defining moment” in Congress has jeopardized Washingtonians’ health care while allowing corporate giants to effectively pay no federal taxes, despite her constituents suffering from stagnant wages and historic levels of unemployment. It just shows where her priorities lie and who she stands up for, and it’s clearly not for the well being of the families of Southwest Washington.”


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