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New Reporting Once Again Highlights Barbara Kirkmeyer’s Dangerous Anti-Abortion Coverup

Barbara Kirkmeyer has desperately tried to escape accountability for her out-of-touch extremist abortion agenda

Recent reporting by CPR once again slams Barbara Kirkmeyer for trying to walk back her unpopular and radical anti-abortion politics. This isn’t the first time that Kirkmeyer has taken flak for trying to cover up how her extremist agenda doesn’t align with Colorado’s families.

Protecting abortion rights is top of mind for voters in Colorado’s 8th district and every day it is more apparent that Kirkmeyer is out of touch with the will of the voters.

Meanwhile, Yadira Caraveo has spent her career working to protect everyday Coloradans. One candidate will represent the interests of working families and the other will push an unpopular extremist agenda. The choice is clear.

Marcus W. Robinson, DCCC Spokesperson:
“A Barbara Kirkmeyer victory spells danger for families in Colorado. Kirkmeyer knows that her extremist politics are a non-starter for voters in the 8th district – that is why she is desperately trying to cover them up. But Colorado voters will hold her accountable at the ballot box this November.”


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