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NEW VIDEO: DCCC Highlights McCarthy’s Weak Leadership, ‘What is Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy thinking?”

Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy lets QAnon followers overrun GOP, party falling apart under his lack of leadership

More than 450,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 and the American economy is in tatters, but Kevin McCarthy just spent the last week reminding everyone why he’s too weak to ever be in charge.

In case you missed his public melt down over how to handle the QAnon followers in his House minority, the DCCC is highlighting McCarthy’s weak leadership with a new video titled “What is Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy thinking?”


McCarthy’s weakness comes at a cost — major corporate donors are fleeing the party after two-thirds of House Republicans baselessly voted against certifying the presidential election. Even still, McCarthy doubled down last week on QAnon conspiracies by attempting to keep school shooting denier Marjorie Taylor-Greene on the committee overseeing public education.

“Minority Leader McCarthy has proven he’s too weak and cowardly to stand up to the violent conspiracy theorists taking over the Washington Republican party,” said Chris Taylor, DCCC Spokesperson. “In this moment of real crisis on all fronts, McCarthy’s weakness is another reminder of the disaster he would cause if he were in charge.”


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