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NEW VIDEO: “Does Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy think Republican voters – his voters – are stupid?”

While Kevin McCarthy (Q-CA) huddles in the corner, he lets QAnon run wild putting Americans in danger

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy claims he doesn’t know what QAnon is, but anyone who is paying attention knows the QAnon mob and Marjorie Taylor Greene are taking over his party. Just look at the most recent Morning Consult poll that shows Marjorie Taylor Greene is just as known as the Minority Leader she has refashioned as her doormat.

While Kevin McCarthy is too weak to stand up to the violent QAnon mob, there is one question that keeps popping up everywhere, which John King put plainly: “Does Kevin McCarthy really think we’re stupid, that Republican voters are stupid?”


“Kevin McCarthy knows full-well what QAnon is, he’s just far too weak and cowardly to stand up to QAnon conspiracists like Marjorie TaylorGreene who have called for violence against Americans,” said Chris Taylor, DCCC Spokesperson“While Democrats in Congress focus on building national, bipartisan consensus behind a plan to crush COVID-19, get economic relief in Americans’ pockets, and put people back on the job, Minority Leader McCarthy is letting his QAnon caucus run wild across our country.” 


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