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NEW VIDEO: Mazi Pilip Can’t Be Trusted to Protect Abortion Rights

Today, the DCCC released a new video blasting Mazi Pilip’s dangerous, anti-abortion platform.


The video is being released ahead of the only debate that Pilip agreed to in the special election – which excludes Queens and is being held five days before Election Day and five days after early voting began.

While Pilip has made her public appearances rare, she has made one thing exceptionally clear: Pilip is ardently pro-life and stands with conservative efforts to overturn New York’s abortion protections. She has even said she won’t codify Roe v. Wade and praised the disastrous Dobbs v. Jackson decision.

Mazi Pilip would be a rubber stamp on Donald Trump and Speaker Mike Johnson’s extreme agenda to take away reproductive freedoms in New York.

DCCC Spokesperson Ellie Dougherty:
“Mazi Pilip is far more interested in backing dangerous attacks on abortion rights than she is standing up for families in New York’s Third District. Ahead of today’s only debate, voters deserve to be reminded that she has spent her entire campaign cynically playing politics – while refusing to talk about the issues that matter to families across Queens and Nassau County.”


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