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NEW VIDEO: Party Loyalist Jen Kiggans Praises Extremist Marjorie Taylor Greene, Says ‘We All Want the Same Things’

Today, the DCCC is launching a new video spotlighting so-called moderate Jen Kiggans’s full-throated endorsement for Marjorie Taylor Greene and her extreme agenda.

The video highlights Kiggans’s recent praise for conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene – first reported by Newsweek – when asked about her interactions with Greene and other far-right Members of Congress.

Watch the new video HERE.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene, she is so kind,” Kiggans said at a recent event. “I have nothing bad or, you know, different to say about any of these people. They’re on my team, right, they are my teammates. We all want the same things.”

Kiggans, a freshman Republican who represents a district President Biden won in 2020, consistently votes with Greene in Congress. Together, Kiggans and Greene have voted against the interests of Coastal Virginians by restricting abortion care for servicemembers and cutting veterans’ health benefits.

Click HERE to watch the new video. 

DCCC Spokesperson Justin Chermol:
“Jen Kiggans made clear that she would rather spend her time in Congress catering to the fringe of our politics than delivering results for Coastal Virginians. By praising Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kiggans signaled she is just another rubber-stamp for the extreme MAGA Republican agenda who cannot be trusted to lead.”


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