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New Year, New Van Drew?

Jefferson Van Drew (R-Fake) is heading back to Washington to take his first votes of the new year and all eyes are on the known political opportunist to see just how he’ll vote heading into a tough primary.

Van Drew is proving that at his core, he’s willing to do and say whatever it takes to hold on to what little power he has and please his new party. He pledged his “undying loyalty” to a President he once condemned publicly and privately called “crazy” in exchange for committee assignments. And though he assured former staffers he’d continue to vote as a Democrat, even explicitly saying that he’d remain pro-choice, he’s now expected to lend his support to anti-choice legislation in the House.

“No matter how hard the NRCC and Washington Republicans try, Jefferson Van Drew is going to have to tie himself in knots trying to explain the ‘new Van Drew’ while his old persona hangs out there,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. “Van Drew represents everything voters hate about politicians and the people of South Jersey will see through this act and reject him.”

REMINDER: Jeff Van Drew voted against Trump 90 percent of the time including votes against some of Trump’s top policy positions and key legislative priorities. Van Drew also voted to ratify and affirm investigations related to Trump.

Here’s a brief trip down memory lane of Van Drew’s record:

On Trump and His Associates

  • Van Drew voted for an amendment that would prohibit the use of funds authorized by the bill for the defense department to reimburse certain expenses at properties owned by or connected to President Donald Trump or his businesses.
  • Van Drew voted for a resolution to condemn President Trump’s racist rhetoric.
  • Van Drew co-sponsored a resolution to stand up to white supremacy in light of the recent revelations regarding White House senior advisor Stephen Miller.

On Health Care

  • Van Drew voted for condemning the Trump Administration’s legal campaign against the Affordable Care Act.
  • Van Drew voted for HR 3, a bill to lower prescription drug costs.

On the Paris Climate Agreement

  • Van Drew voted to prohibit the use of federal funds for U.S. withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate change and to require the president to develop a plan for the United States to meet its contribution.

On Russia

  • Van Drew voted to disapprove of President Trump’s plan to terminate sanctions on several Russian companies.

On the Border Wall


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