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NH-01 Primary Candidates Continue to Celebrate Alleged Harassers’ Support

The New Hampshire GOP primary continues to be a race to the bottom in all the wrong ways — with candidates competing against each other to score the support of alleged sexual predators.

Shadow lobbyist Matt Mowers has stood by his advisor and endorser Corey Lewandowski, despite disturbing allegations of sexual harassment.

Now, Karoline Leavitt has scored her own alleged sexual predator in GOP extremist Rep. Madison Cawthorn. Cawthorn, who is already known for his ridiculous lies about vaccines and threatening violence as he pushed election lies, was subject earlier this year to a detailed BuzzFeed report on his alleged predatory behavior in college.

DCCC Spokesperson James Singer

“There’s no bar too low for these New Hampshire Republicans — including standing with accused sexual predators. Granite State voters deserve better than these toxic candidates who will stop at nothing in their race to the right.”


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