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NY-03 DEBATE RECAP: Pilip Doubles Down on Extreme Agenda on Abortion, Gun Safety, Border Security

Tonight, in the only debate she agreed to in the special election for New York’s Third Congressional District, Mazi Pilip was knocked off her game from the very beginning – especially when it came to abortion rights, gun violence prevention, border security, and delivering relief for middle class families.

While the moderator constantly pushed Pilip for specifics, she struggled to provide any details. When challenged by Tom Suozzi on issues such as abortion and gun safety, Pilip made clear why she’s avoided debates until five days before the election and why, if elected, she would be unable to get things done.

On abortion, it was crystal clear that Pilip will line up with extremists in the Republican Party. When Suozzi pointed out Pilip’s support for the Dobbs decision, opposition to codifying Roe v. Wade, and embrace of the Conservative Party line – which supports a ban on abortion even in the case of rape or incest – Pilip offered no detailed response. In contrast, Suozzi reiterated that he is whole-heartedly pro-choice.


On gun safety, Pilip toed the NRA line. She was challenged multiple times whether or not she would support a ban on assault weapons, and again, she offered no detailed response. In contrast, Suozzi highlighted his staunch support for an assault weapons ban and his “F” rating from the NRA.


On border security, Pilip simply repeated tired talking points, offering no solutions, and had no answer for her opposition to the bipartisan Senate bill on the border. Suozzi asked her multiple times what exactly she’d do to solve our broken immigration system, asking her, “You say there’s a crisis at the border, over and over. We all know this. What would you do?” Pilip had no answer. 


DCCC Spokesperson Ellie Dougherty:
“Mazi Pilip’s first and only debate performance tonight solidified what we already know: she’s unvetted, unprepared to tackle any issue, and will only play political games with families across New York’s Third District.”


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