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NY1: Malliotakis’ Attacks Against Max Rose Are FALSE

After months of lies, attacks, and smears from Nicole Malliotakis and her allies in Washington, NY1 is holding her accountable.

In this week’s debate Nicole Malliotakis blatantly lied about Congressman Rose’s record and NY1 called her out, while reaffirming the truth on Malliotakis’ terrible record.

While it is true Rep. Rose voted for the House’s bipartisan criminal justice reform bill, according to NY1:

“It’s false that the Democratic congressman voted to defund the police. The legislation named for Floyd made the Edward Byrne memorial grant conditional. It did not eliminate it. Rose has voted to increase Byrne grants and secure other law enforcement funding.”

“It’s true that Malliotakis is a proponent of President Trump’s 2017 tax overhaul, which limited state and local tax deductions and led to some property tax increases. And she did in an op-ed call the SALT issue irrelevant to those who take a standard deduction.”

As we’ve said…Nicole Malliotakis is a fraud and a liar.

“Nicole Malliotakis is finally being exposed for the liar and fraud that she is,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. “Any communication containing such lies should be pulled down immediately. Shame on you, Nicole!”


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