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It’s Official: Joe Caldarera Throws Hat in the Ring

Former Assistant District Attorney Finds “Political and Financial Backing” to Take on Nicole Malliotakis as NY-11 Primary Heats Up 

It’s official. 

Joe Caldarera will officially launch his campaign tomorrow, throwing a wrench in the NRCC’s plan to clear the primary field for former lobbyist Nicole Malliotakis. 

We’ve warned you for months that this primary was not a lock for the weak-fundraiser, and now here’s your proof.

According to National Journal’s Kirk Bado, Caldarera “apparently found” the “political and financial backing to run a viable campaign” and make his run official.

That can’t make Washington Republicans feel good about their hand-picked candidate’s chances.

“With declining fundraising, a lack of local endorsements, criminal ties, and a lackluster legislative career—it’s no wonder Nicole Malliotakis is getting more challengers,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. “Lobbyist Nicole is a flawed candidate running a joke of a campaign.”


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