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Ohioans Condemn False GOP Attacks Against Emilia Sykes

Northeast Ohio voters are speaking out against the GOP mudslinging at Sykes

Voters and survivors of domestic violence in Ohio are calling ‘BS’ after the Congressional Leadership Fund, Kevin McCarthy’s super PAC, released a trove of TV ads blatantly lying about Ohio state Rep. Emilia Sykes’ proven record as a leader in the work to keep Northeast Ohio families safe.

While Washington Republicans had to resort to lies about who Emilia Sykes is, real Ohioans have been calling out GOP lies to their local papers recalling Sykes’ strong record on public safety, and have rejected McCarthy’s offensive and misleading ads.

As one voter put it:

“Ms. Sykes’ opponent has no record of helping Ohio. Her only campaign strategy is to deceive voters about Ms. Sykes’ solid record. Ohio voters are too smart to let her get away with it.”

“Northeast Ohio voters know Emilia Sykes and her unparalleled record leading efforts to improve public safety, particularly strengthening protections for survivors of domestic violence,” said DCCC spokesperson Nebeyatt Betre. “Washington Republicans’ best line of attack against her is to lie because they have nothing good to say about Gilbert, their radical anti-choice extremist candidate.”

What Ohioans are saying: Deceptive ads play on fear, not facts, to campaign against Emilia Sykes
Barbara Kaplan, Peninsula
Sept 22, 22

Disinformation campaigns are hitting our airways. Ads with shadowy content and ominous music hope to ignite fear while ignoring fact and fuel the divisiveness that is hurting America.

The Congressional Leadership Fund — a dark money group from Washington — has been airing a series of such ads. Some have been directed at Congressional candidate Emilia Sykes.

As a state legislator Sykes co-sponsored and passed (with bi-partisan support) several bills designed to make kids and adults safer. One ensures that police officers receive the training needed to appropriately address issues of domestic violence. Another requires evidence-based training in violence and suicide prevention for students and teachers at the middle and high school grade levels. Sykes joined with legislators on both sides of the aisle, so victims are notified when the person who committed an offense is considered for a release from prison.

I’m glad I took time to learn more about Emilia. She has been doing level-headed work to improve our communities and keep them safe since being elected. Voters should elect candidates committed to working for all of us and whose campaigns rely on fact, not fear mongering. I’ll be supporting Emilia Sykes in November.

Akron Beacon Journal: Letters: Remember Rep. Emilia Sykes helped strengthen Ohio domestic violence law
Mark Derrig, Akron
Sept 29, 2022

Sykes works for victims of violence

I am outraged to see the deceptive attacks being used against state Rep. Emilia Sykes on the issue of domestic violence.

Sykes has been a champion for victims of domestic violence in Ohio. When she was first elected to the Statehouse, she learned that Ohio was one of only two states that had not modernized their domestic violence laws to include all intimate partner relationships. She worked with Democrats and Republicans to make House Bill 1 priority legislation and ultimately into law.

HB 1 gave victims of dating violence the ability to obtain civil protective orders against their attacker. Before HB 1, Ohio law defined domestic violence as occurring between spouses, family members, those cohabiting or parents. People in ongoing, substantial, intimate and romantic relationships were not included, leaving thousands of Ohioans without recourse in the event of dating violence.

We know civil protection orders are effective at stopping abuse and they do much to improve feelings of safety among victims.

Sykes’ work earned her the Rev. Dr. Robert A. Denton Outstanding Victim Service Award.

Sykes is and has been a champion for all those who have suffered violence. To say anything else is ridiculous. Deceptive attack ads ignore Emilia Sykes’ lengthy record of accomplishments
Patty Spinelli, Cuyahoga Falls
Sept 28, 2022

Out-of-state money is pouring in to pay for false and misleading ads about congressional candidate Emilia Sykes’ record. Those deceptive ads are the product of a campaign of hysterical insults by her opponent, who has no record of helping Ohioans, as state Rep. Sykes has.

Ms. Sykes co-sponsored Aisha’s Law, which provided protections to domestic violence survivors. She supported legislation that protects the private information of those who have suffered from domestic violence. She helped create an Ohio Violent Offender Database to assure that such criminals couldn’t repeat their acts. She fought for full restitution for elders who are victims of fraud and identity theft. She has stood strong for compensation and financial assistance to first responders who have suffered post-traumatic stress disorder on the job.

Ms. Sykes’ opponent has no record of helping Ohio. Her only campaign strategy is to deceive voters about Ms. Sykes’ solid record. Ohio voters are too smart to let her get away with it.


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