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Same Ol’, Same Ol’: Claudia’s Big Dollar Connections Come Into Question

Donor Embroiled in Ukraine Scandal Boosted Claudia’s Campaign Coffers  

Yesterday, the Associated Press reported that a group of businessmen and Republican donors touted connections to the Administration while trying to oust big wigs at Naftogaz, an Ukrainian gas company. The businessmen, clearly driven by profit, also tried to push lucrative contacts to entities connected to Trump allies.

The oil magnate involved in the scheme has donated at least $1.2 million to Republicans campaigns and PACs, including nearly $14,000 to Rudy Guiliani’s failed presidential bid.

That same oil magnate donated $20,000 to Tenney affiliated groups last year, including $2,700 to Tenney for Congress.


Claudia Tenney may desperately want to rebrand during this retread run, but you are the company you keep.

“After stumbling out the starting block last week, Claudia Tenney now finds herself embroiled in yet another scandal,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. “This is just another example of the types of backroom and shady deals surrounding Claudia Tenney that voters in New York’s 22nd district rejected. Profit before people, that’s Tenney’s way.”


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