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Olson Votes Against Ending Government Shutdown… Again

Vote once again signals no paychecks in sight for impacted workers


Representative Pete Olson voted, once again, to continue the longest government shutdown in US history. Olson’s vote to keep the government closed comes as TSA lines continue to get longer, critical national security concerns develop, and workers across the country face the reality that the paycheck they missed on Friday may not be the only paycheck they miss before Republicans in Washington agree to end this shutdown.

Don’t forget, this isn’t the first time Olson has voted to keep the government closed. Today’s vote is one in a series of many where Rep. Olson voted to keep the government closed for a record 25 days. This shutdown has already had disastrous impacts on the US economy, undermined our national security, and disrupted the lives of hundreds of thousands of American families.

In response to yet another vote from Olson to keep the government closed, DCCC spokesperson Evan Lukaske released the following statement:

“We need leaders who can rise above their partisan agenda and build common ground to keep our country safe and serve the American people. But instead of doing the common sense thing and working to re-open the government, Representative Pete Olson voted today, once again, to put a reckless and partisan agenda ahead of our country’s national security and economic best interests. That’s wrong, it does nothing to serve his constituents, and it shows where his priorities lie: with his party in Washington, not the community he was elected to serve.”

Similar releases went to Representatives Devin Nunes (CA-22), Duncan Hunter (CA-50), Ross Spano (FL-15), Andy Barr (KY-06), Rob Woodall (GA-07), Steve King (IA-04), Mike Bost (IL-12), Ann Wagner (MO-02), Greg Gianforte (MT-AL), Ted Budd (NC-13), Don Bacon (NE-02), Chris Collins (NY-27), Steve Chabot (OH-01), Troy Balderson (OH-12), Scott Perry (PA-10), Mike Kelly (PA-16), Chip Roy (TX-21), Pete Olson (TX-22), Kenny Marchant (TX-24), and John Carter (TX-31).


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