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On Eve of Pro-Insurrectionist Rally in DC, Tenney Complains Democrats Are “Obsessed” With Historic January 6 Assault on the Capitol and COVID

It hasn’t even been a year since a violent crowd of right-wing extremists attempted a historic and unprecedented insurrection that left five dead and 140 police officers injured.

And we continue to push forward with the nation’s recovery from COVID even as Republicans gripe about vaccines and masks, spreading misinformation that’s putting people in hospitals.

But neither is of any concern to Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, who complained to Newsmax that Democrats are “obsessed” with January 6 and COVID-19, two things that she and the Republican Party have helped enable and prolong.

Tenney is so shamefully disinterested in the dark moment in our history that was January 6 that she voted against investigating it at all.

In stark contrast to where Tenney’s values lie, fellow Republican Rep. Anthony Gonzalez announced his retirement last night, citing the GOP’s “horribly irresponsible and destructive” path, defined by loyalty to Trump’s Big Lie and Republican indifference to the January 6 attack.

Just the kind of politics Tenney will continue promoting as a Republican Member of Congress.

“In a show of how much she really cares about the country she serves, Claudia Tenney has taken to complaining that Democrats are too focused on ending a pandemic that she and her fellow Republicans continue to prolong through their misinformation, as well as investigating a deadly attack on our government that Republicans like her enabled,” said DCCC spokesperson Abel Iraola. “The fact that Republicans like Claudia Tenney want to stop talking about January 6 and COVID as soon as possible is a concession that both are huge liabilities for the GOP.”


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