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One Year Later: No Thanks to Ken Calvert, The American Rescue Plan Delivered Historic Relief for Economy, Working Families

Legislation Calvert voted against empowered workers, families and created the greatest year of economic growth in decades

One year ago, Ken Calvert voted against the American Rescue Plan, an historic effort that uplifted tens of millions of families, distributed life-saving vaccines to hundreds of millions of people, helped open nearly 100% of schools, and powered the fastest recovery of any advanced economy in the world.

Despite House Republicans’ efforts to rewrite history, not a single one voted for the American Rescue Plan – including Calvert.

Here’s just a few of the major accomplishments the American Rescue Plan helped deliver this past year – and Calvert voted to block:

  • The greatest year of job creation in American history as 7.4 million Americans got back to work since President Biden was elected

  • The lowest rate of people on unemployment insurance since 1970 – more than 50 years

  • The Child Tax Credit reached more than 7.5 million children in California

  • The Earned Income Tax Credit was tripled, providing significant relief to nearly 2 million workers in California without dependent children

  • More Americans are saving money on health care thanks to expanded access through the ACA

  • Nearly 100% of schools are open for in-person learning

  • Nearly 16,000 small restaurants and bars in California stayed open thanks to relief from the Restaurant Revitalization Fund

  • More than 34,000 cities, towns, and counties, saved jobs and prevented layoffs and furloughs thanks to funding for state and local governments

DCCC Spokesperson Maddy Mundy
“The economy is stronger and working families are better off today than they were a year ago, thanks to ARP and no thanks to Rep. Ken Calvert. Voters will know that when given the opportunity, Calvert voted against them.”


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