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Only Months After Photoshop Incident, Malliotakis Again Reveals Herself to Be A Fraud

Local Temple Claims Not to Know Her After Malliotakis Claims She Donated to Them

Nicole Malliotakis’ internet struggles continue…

This summer, she was dinged for photoshopped pictures “donating” PPE to frontline workers. Now she’s been caught claiming to donate PPE to a Jewish congregation that knows nothing of the alleged donations.

This revelation wraps up a devastating first two weeks for the freshman Congresswoman from New York.

First, she sided with a violent QAnon mob and against our democracy voting to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. Then video surfaced of her top advisor screeching Heil Hitler on camera (Malliotakis refuses to say if she’ll fire the consultant or endorse her in her upcoming election, by the way). And now she’s been exposed for lying about donating to a local synagogue.

See for yourself:

“What more can I say,” asked DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. “Nicole Malliotakis is a fraud.”


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