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Oops I Did It Again: Spano Files FEC Report Itemizing Admitted Campaign Finance Violations

He’s Not That Innocent…

Congressman Ross Spano (R-Money Laundromat) filed his year-end FEC report yesterday, and guess what? He still owes himself/his campaign donors $170,000 in illegal loans—money that Spano himself admitted was a potential violation of campaign finance laws.

“While FEC forms don’t include a box to check for ‘campaign finance crimes,’ Congressman Spano’s latest filing makes his corruption crystal clear,” said DCCC Spokesperson Melissa Miller. “His serious legal and ethical lapses make him an unfit Representative for the people of Florida’s 15th District.”

In December, Spano admitted to potentially breaking federal campaign finance laws by funneling nearly $180,000 in improper contributions into his campaign. Two friends loaned money to Spano, who in turn loaned it to his campaign – an apparent violation of campaign finance law. Disturbingly, even after the illegal donations came to light, Spano was using one of the contributors to interview potential staff for his Congressional office.

An election law attorney concluded that “[Spano]—and the two contributors—have serious criminal exposure.”

Since his constituents found out about his illegal schemes, Spano has had complaints filed against him with both the FEC and FBI.


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