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Opportunistic Extremist Kevin Kiley Decides to Lose Another Race

Fresh off his 3.5% finish in the gubernatorial recall election, Big Lie proponent Kevin Kiley has decided to lose another race.

Despite saying just five months ago that “national politics is a distraction,” Kiley, who “often flirts with the fringes of the GOP,” couldn’t resist the chance to throw his hat in with his extremist party ringleaders in Congress.

From rallying with insurrectionists and Qanon supporters, to opposing vaccine mandates for health care workers and reproductive rights, Kiley is a threat to the voters of California’s Third Congressional District.

Helen Kalla, DCCC Spokesperson
“Big Lie proponent Kevin Kiley is just another opportunistic, extremist politician who cares more about his electoral prospects than the voters of California’s Third Congressional District. After being resoundingly rejected at the ballot box in September, Kiley is eager to lose yet another race.”


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