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PA GOP Candidates Endorse Kevin McCarthy’s Radical Agenda

House Republicans’ radical agenda has finally been released, designed to “serve as a voter messaging guide for party incumbents and candidates.”

Every House Republican candidate in Pennsylvania is running on Kevin McCarthy’s dangerous plan for America – and to no one’s surprise, it includes ripping away Pennsylvanians’ reproductive freedoms, health care, and hard-earned retirement benefits.

The House GOP plan and their priorities include:

  • Banning abortion nationwide

  • Cutting Social Security and Medicare

  • Repealing the Affordable Care Act 

  • Making health care and prescription drugs more expensive

  • Defunding the DOJ and FBI 

  • Undermining democracy and throwing away Americans’ votes 

DCCC Spokesperson James Singer
“Republican candidates in Pennsylvania have now made official what we’ve known for months: if elected, they will ban abortion nationwide, drive up health care costs, and gut Pennsylvanians’ hard-earned benefits.”


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