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Pot, Meet Kettle: Corrupt Carl DeMaio Promises San Diego Voters He’ll Combat Corruption and Avoid Scandal…Only Problem is DeMaio Doesn’t Practice What He’s Preached

In DeMaio’s Limited Time Serving San Diego, He Had a Long Litany of Scandal, Corruption and Rank Hypocrisy

Carl DeMaio’s campaign launch earlier this week means Duncan Hunter is no longer the only shady Republican running in CA-50. Corrupt Carl DeMaio launched his campaign, claiming to crusade against corruption and to serve without being “distracted by scandal.” The only issue is that this rhetoric coming from Carl DeMaio of all individuals is hypocrisy in its purest form.

In his limited time serving on the San Diego City Council, DeMaio was a whirlwind of scandal and corruption, from being fined by the San Diego Ethics Commission for improperly soliciting donations from city employees, to funneling over $15,000 in campaign funds to a loved one, to multiple cases of fullfledged plagiarism.

And don’t forget DeMaio’s ultimate display of his rank hypocrisy… Yeah, the time during the Great Recession when he advocated cutting the salaries of firefighters and other city employees, but refused to take a pay cut himself (despite raking in millions earlier in his career).

“What we already know about Carl DeMaio makes you wonder what we are still yet to find out,’” said DCCC Spokesperson, Andy Orellana. “But while DeMaio is lacking in self-awareness, he’s flush with chutzpah. To run a campaign against corruption with a record like his, well it takes a special kind of courage.”  


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