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RACE TO THE FAR-RIGHT: Secessionist Barbara Kirkmeyer Aiming To Out-Crazy Lori Saine

Kirkmeyer’s extreme views completely disqualify her from representing CO-08

Today, Weld County secession advocate Barbara Kirkmeyer entered the race for Colorado’s 8th District, joining a GOP field that includes “Colorado’s nastiest, most clueless politician” Lori Saine.

In addition to her support for lighting taxpayer dollars on fire by creating a new state out of Weld and northern Colorado counties, Kirkmeyer backs a litany of dangerous, deeply unpopular policies.

She is a self-described “proud and consistent supporter of the personhood movement,” which would ban certain types of birth control and all abortions without exception and has been rejected three times by Colorado voters.

Last year, Kirkmeyer expressed support for nullifying the marriages of same-gender couples, defunding Planned Parenthood, and arming teachers.

DCCC Spokesperson Helen Kalla

“Secessionist Barbara Kirkmeyer and Lori Saine are two extremist peas in a pod whose radical views completely disqualify them from representing Colorado’s 8th District in Congress. Coloradans deserve better than the out-of-touch candidates Republicans are offering.”


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