Nick Begich, Nancy Dahlstrom

Alaska’s At-Large (AK - At-Large)

Updated: July 9, 2024


Congresswoman Mary Peltola is pro-fish, pro-jobs, pro-family, and the only pro-choice candidate in the race. Meanwhile Nick Begich, Nancy Dahlstrom, and Gerald Heikes don’t share our Alaskan values. They have extreme views and would ban abortion without exceptions.


Alaska voters need to see right away and ahead of voting in August on broadcast, cable, digital/OTT, and radio district-wide that:

  • Nick Begich, Nancy Dahlstrom, and Gerald Heikes have extreme views on women’s reproductive rights and would join extremists in Washington to ban abortion in all cases without exceptions for victims of rape, incest or to save a woman’s life. Begich, Dahlstrom, and Heikes’ radical views threaten our freedom to control our bodies and our reproductive health.

Alaska voters districtwide need to see on broadcast; voters in Fairbanks, the Mat Su, Kenai, and Ketchikan need to see on cable, OTT and digital; and men registered as Independent in Fairbanks, the Mat Su, Kenai, and Ketchikan need to see in mail and digital from validators that:  

  • Congresswoman Mary Peltola has gotten us results in Washington, bringing good-paying jobs to Alaska by bringing Alaskans together to deliver the largest oil field project in decades, pushing for one of the largest energy grid investments in American history, helping to halt the Fred Meyer/Carrs (in Anchorage)/Fred Meyer/Safeway (in Fairbanks and Juneau) merger, and supporting $7.6 billion in infrastructure investments for every region of Alaska.

Voters 60 years of age and older need to see in digital/OTT ads and in mail that:

  • Nick Begich and Nancy Dahlstrom will not support older Alaskans. Nick Begich says Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, and Nancy Dahlstrom was recruited to run by DC insiders who want to cut Social Security and Medicare. Dahlstrom even said, “I think all these things need to be on the table,” when speaking about Social Security and Medicare program cuts. 

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It is critical that voters see and hear from real people who live in the district about how Mary Peltola delivers for Alaska.

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