Tom O'Halleran

Arizona’s 2nd (AZ - 02)

Updated: September 8, 2022


Eli Crane is too radical to deliver results for rural Arizona.


Voters in the Phoenix media market, including Latino voters, need to see TV ads on broadcast and cable, voters across the district need to see OTT/CTV and digital ads, Native Americans and voters who don’t live in the previous First Congressional district – especially non-college independent voters and 55+ independent voters in this part of the district – should receive mail about:

  • Eli Crane has repeatedly embraced extremist and white supremacist rhetoric. Someone Crane cites as an influence even attempted to justify some of Adolf Hitler’s actions and policies.
  • Eli Crane supports banning abortion, even when the woman is a victim of rape or incest, and even supports allowing states to punish women and doctors.


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Note voters do not need to know that Eli Crane doesn’t live in the district.

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