Colorado’s 3rd (CO - 03)

Updated: October 22, 2020


Coloradans want their leaders to hold themselves to the same Colorado standards we all live by: independence, respecting the law and working together to get things done. There’s nothing independent about Boebert; she’s reckless and thinks the rules don’t apply to her.


Voters in Grand Junction and Colorado Springs need to see, and women voters on the go and voters across the districts need to read, that:

  • Boebert has explicitly stated that she wants to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, even during the largest public health crisis in 100 years. She supports a policy that would keep health care and prescription drug prices high, kicking 400 thousand Coloradans off their health insurance and ending protections for the 300 thousand people with pre-existing conditions in the third district. (BACK UP)
  • She defied health department orders to keep people safe during the pandemic. She allegedly ignored Colorado laws about protecting minors, and allegedly ignored a law to get a permit license to serve food at a county rodeo where her establishment gave about 80 people food poisoning with spoiled pork. (BACK UP)

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