Iowa’s 1st (IA - 01)

Updated: August 6, 2020

Candidate Cost-per-Point

Media MarketEffective DateCost-Per-Point
Cedar Rapids 07/13/2020 $91


There is a real difference between Abby Finkenauer and Ashley Hinson on who will deliver for Iowans.


Voters across Iowa’s 1st District should see:

  • Abby has always put the needs of eastern Iowa families first, voting to lower prescription drug costs by allowing Medicare to negotiate prices directly with drug companies and requiring those companies to disclose pricing information on their TV ads. She even introduced a bipartisan bill to permanently fund the children’s health insurance program, providing care for nearly 10 million kids across America. (BACK UP)
  • But Ashley Hinson’s record puts her on the wrong side of Iowa’s families. She is backed by big insurance companies and Washington Republicans, whose lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act would take away coverage from 187,000 Iowans and end protections for the 316,500 Iowans in the first district with pre-existing conditions. (BACK UP)

Additional Resources


  • This is important information for voters across the district, even those who do not live in the Cedar Rapids media market.

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