Iowa’s 1st (IA - 01)

Updated: October 22, 2020


Ashley Hinson’s record puts her on the wrong side of Iowa’s families. She’s shown, over and over, that Iowans just can’t trust her.


Iowa voters and voters on the go need to see and hear from allies that:

  • Ashley Hinson voted to allow insurance companies to offer healthcare plans that could deny coverage to the 1,200,000 Iowans with pre-existing conditions, such as asthma, diabetes or cancer. Then she received thousands of dollars of campaign funds from the political action committee for an insurance company that profited from the plans. Now she says, “I don’t think every American wants health insurance.” (BACK UP)

Additional Resources

  • Hinson’s actions are serious, and the way they are discussed should be, too. Voters will understand the facts when they speak for themselves in an even-keeled, measured tone.

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