Liz Mathis

Iowa’s 2nd (IA - 02)

Updated: August 9, 2022


Ashley Hinson says one thing when she is in Iowa, but then goes to Washington and does the opposite. Voters should see the direct contrast between claiming credit on key kitchen table issues, and then the contradicting vote. 


Voters across the district, but especially in the Cedar Rapids Media Market, need to watch TV ads, and district-wide OTT subscribers need to see ads that show how Ashley Hinson says one thing in Iowa, but does another in Washington because she cannot stand up to her own party:

  1. Hinson claims credit for improvements to infrastructure and working to lower insulin prices, but in Washington she actually voted against those specific measures.
  2. Hinson accepted $110,000 in campaign donations from the oil and gas industry and $48,000 from the pharmaceutical industry.
  3. Hinson has signaled she will work with her party bosses to cut social security and she has already voted to put Medicare payments at risk.
  4. Hinson voted against holding pricing gouging corporations accountable and voted against tax cuts for hardworking Iowans.

Pro-choice voters should get mail and see digital ads about Hinson’s extreme anti-abortion stances:

  1. Hinson cosponsored a complete abortion ban, even in cases of rape, incest, or when the mother’s life is at risk. 
  2. If Hinson had her way, doctors and nurses who provide abortion services could be punished. Hinson is too extreme for Iowans.


Additional Resources

Voters do not need to see pictures of roads and bridges when addressing infrastructure. This should be used as a clear proof point of Hinson’s willingness to tell Iowa voters one thing and then do the opposite in Washington.

The tone of the abortion message should not be scary or over the top. It should be matter-of-fact and non-sensationalized that Ashley Hinson does not share our values. Voters should see real people from the district who would be affected by this decision and understand the consequences of outlawing abortion — whether it is a victim or a doctor or nurse who has worked in sexual assault response and treatment.

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